February 21, 2011

Mash was directed by Robert Altman and based on book. Mash is about army doctors in the Korean war.  The film follows the adventures of Hawkeye who is the senior doctor of the army base.  The staff on the hospital use humor and hi jinks the survive the horrors of war.  The film has no plot but is a series of episodes just showing the day to day events.  The doctors use sexual humor and practical jokes to pass the time.   The film is a dark comedy. The movie does not fail to deliver the contradiction of the reality and the non sense that goes on in the film. As a political satire of war, it also delivers sharp pinpointed perspective throughout certain parts of the movie. The film is new wave because it has a different view of the world.  It shows a satire of it.

The French New Wave

May 12, 2010

The french new wave was a style of film making that emerged in the 50’s. It was influenced by surreal films. Many documentaries were made. The director Jean-Luc Godard made films. Some techniques of french new wave are the use of a hand held camera, direct sound, and jump cuts. Some films made were Cahiers du Cinema, historical films, and low-budget films. Cinema in france was used in a political context in the 60’s. Cinema was a tool of revolution.Some examples are La Jetta and Breathless.

African, U.S., and European Cinema

May 11, 2010

Africa, U.S., and Europeans experimented with Avant-Garde film which are experimental films. Some of them were depressing with little dialogue. Some of them are more up beat. One was that someone put flies and other bugs on the film itself. Another was someone working on a car with homoerotic undertones.

Indian Cinema

May 6, 2010

Indian Cinema is main to do with oral tradition and music culture. The first Indian film was Alam Ara. There were 27 films released in 1931, in 4 languages, Hindi, Tamal, Bengal, and Telega. Many films were mainstream with colorful musicals. Most singing in movies were resang. The Golden age of Indian cinema was in the 1950s. The film Apna Desh is about people who take money away from a school. The film is hilarious with its musical numbers and ridiculous plot.

Italian Neorealism

April 29, 2010

The Italian film industry had a strong artistic production. Italian Neorealism has characteristics like being shot on location and using light already available. It uses long takes and long shots. Italian Neorealism is very non-professional in terms of actors not fitting the mold of a glamorous film star. Narrative is often improvised from scratch or written during filming. There are alot of social and political issues like poverty and the fate of the working man. The film Umberto D is a perfect example. A man is old, needs money to stay in his apartment, and must find a job. He also has a dog who he almost has to give away. The film is sad and over dramatized but has a happy ending.

Film Noir

April 28, 2010

Film Noir is a style of cinema from 1941-1958. IT is described as “critical tendency” Film noir movies are the black and white detective movies where everyone is a suspect and women aren’t trusted. Double Indemnity and The Maltese Falcon are perfect examples. In The Maltese Falcon the partner at the detective agency is killed as a result of the women. I like the spoof movie Dead Men Don’t Where plaid With Steve Martin. It shows the satire of Film Noir while cutting actual footage from old movies into it. There is one scene where Steve Martin is Barbara Stanwyck’s character from Double Indemnity. He is even wearing a wig.

Lady Eve

April 27, 2010

On Friday February 19 the History of Cinema 2 class we watched the movie Lady Eve. The film is about love and deception. The woman seduces the man to try to steal his money in poker. The man falls in love and is almost fooled when the bodyguard finds out the woman is a con-artist. The man is mad and never wants to see the woman again. The woman is in love with the man even though it was supposed to be fake. The woman vows to get him back someday. The woman assumes a false name and reentroduces herself to the man. They fall in love again. The film shows that you can’t stop love.

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